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The 28 Day Detox Challenge

Experience the ultimate body reset with Pure's Detox Challenge! Continue your detox journey implementing whole foods and products by PURE. After completing the 28 days, submit your before and after photos and we’ll send you a Pure Detox Challenge t-shirt!

Discover the age-defying power of PURENerium® skincare! This line will change the way you nurture your skin with some of the best ingredients and exclusive patented NAE-8® Nerium Aloe Extract that you won’t find in any other skincare products. See real results and learn more about the PURENerium line of products today.



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"I’m blown away with my results in just a few days. I was breaking out along on my face and had wrinkles on my forehead and in just 5 days it’s a huge difference. And now my face is not breaking out and I see my face forming up as well. So amazing!" - Nancy C.



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